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(no subject) [Mar. 16th, 2007|10:30 am]
Game Show Contestant Central

I just learned, courtesy of mabfan, that tonight, on Jeopardy, there's going to be history made. It's something that's never happened on the show before, and according to game theory experts, it's something that will probably never happen again.

So I turn this question to you, dear readers - what do you think this history-making thing is?

I know that it's not a three-way tie at zero at the end of Final Jeopardy. That's happened before.

It's not a two-way tie - that happens about once every other season or so.

So I think either a three-way tie at >0, three people not making it to Final Jeopardy, or one person completely shutting out everyone else. Realistically, I mean. (Actually, there's a pretty big clue if you go to the Jeopardy site and watch the promo clip for the episode - the filename is a dead giveaway. Don't go if you don't want to be spoiled.)

But it's kind of fun to think about what else it could be. So that's the question of the day. What do YOU guys think it is? And in an awesome world, what WOULD it be?
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Has anyone ever tried out for Millionaire? [Aug. 13th, 2006|11:12 pm]
Game Show Contestant Central

There's a contestant search in my area on Tuesday and I'm going to make an attempt. I was on Jeopardy! several years ago, but I'm terribly out of practice, LOL. Still-- why not?

I was wondering if anyone here has ever tried out for the syndicated version, or knows someone who has, or has read an online account of an audition, etc... I'm just trying to figure out what I should do in the limited time I have to prepare.

So far, I have heard that I should get there early, but I don't necessarily need to camp out overnight. Supposedly, there is a 30-question multiple choice test, which about 20% of folks pass. If you pass that, you go on to an interview. Then you wait and see... Apparently, within a few weeks, you'll receive either a rejection postcard or a congratulatory letter with more info.

According to what I can glean, the test is not easy, but may not be as hard as the Jeopardy! test (which was all short answer when I took it).

Anyone know anything?

I'd love to hear experiences, conjecture, confirmation/denial...


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This.. is.. JEOPARDY! [Jul. 9th, 2006|08:24 pm]
Game Show Contestant Central


Hi, everyone. My name is Chad Mosher and I was on the Jeopardy! Kid's Week on January 10, 2003.

My story stars out simply enough. I was on the Jeopardy! website just looking around when I noticed that they had put out a contestant call in an area about four hours away. Consulting with my mother, I put in the submission. A few weeks later, we received a call from California, inviting me to take the qualifying test at this Ohio hotel. Obviously, I was elated.

May 8, 2002 rolls around and it's time for me to take the test. In a room of about eighty-five, I was one of nine in the room to have passed the thirty question test. After they cleared the room of those who did not pass, I participated in a quick, mock game of Jeopardy! They took our pictures and told us that we would be contacted sometime in six months if we were to be chosen.

In late September, our carrier of Jeopardy, WNEM TV 5, called our house and asked us if they could come to my school the next day to do an "interview" about the whole Jeopardy! process. That day, the news team, along with my prinicipal and mother, informed me that I had been chose as one of the contestants to participate in that week. Thank goodness there was a wall behind me when they told me, otherwise I would have fainted. =)

Jeopardy! did a very nice job with accomodations. My family and I got a five-night stay at the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles, along with a $600 check for food and things like that. So, my tape date was November 8, 2002. All of the contestants gathered in the restaurant area of the hotel that morning, loaded up into the Sony bus and took off. In the green room when we arrived, we were given breakfast snacks, briefed on the rules of the game and had our make-up done. We were all ready.

They were taping five episodes that day, three before lunch and two after. They didn't reveal who was playing when until Final Jeopardy of the episode before yours. Interestingly enough, my episode was the last of the "week," against the two girls whom I had made friends with that day. Truthfully, I could say I wasn't nervous because I had been preparing for this my whole twelve-year life. I had done fairly well throughout most of the show, though my lead was harmed badly when the girl beside me, Madeleine, ran one category on the Old Testament and nearly another one on Conquerors (I got one from that category.)

Unfortunately for me, the scores were very close at the end of Double Jeopardy, so I had to definitely know what I was doing in Final. The category: "Nonfiction Books." During the break between DJ and FJ, the crew came around, inscructed us on the use of the "magic pen," and looked at our wagers to make sure they were proper. It was time to determine the victor, now. The clue: "The Road to Middle Earth was a book written about this author."

The first thing entered my mind? "OH CRAP." I truthfully had no idea, so I just scribbled down the first thing that came to my mind. Amber, the girl on my right, had no guess. She wagered $5,000, dropping to $5,800. Madeleine, the girl on my right, had a very big smile on her face, as she guessed "Who is Tolkien?" I had never read the Lord of the Rings books, so I did not know that that was the correct answer. She had wagered $15,000, so she was now up to $30,300. You could see the disappointment in my face as the camera showed my answer.

I had risked enough towhere I'd finished in second place, but nevertheless, victory went to someone else.

Nevertheless, I had a wonderful time there, it was a great experience. I left with $2,000 and a new computer (though the $31,200 I would've won if I was right would've been nice. =) )And even at sixteen years old, and nearly four years later, I'm still known at school as "that Jeopardy! kid." Later, I'll post some tips, tricks and advice for future Jeopardy! combatants. If you have any questions or comments, just leave them here and I'll be glad to respond. Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it.

Chad Mosher
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(no subject) [Jul. 6th, 2006|11:44 am]
Game Show Contestant Central

Welcome to the new community, all!

I should introduce myself - I'm blergeatkitty and I appeared on Jeopardy! this past year - my episode aired in March. I didn't win. Yes, this is a sore spot. (Okay, not all that sore...but when I compare the $16,000 I would've won with the $2000 I did get, all because I don't know my British monarchs...ouch, man.) But onward - I'll be eligible to try out for Millionaire in about six months, and I think I can probably do better than two grand on that baby!

So anyway, a couple of things. First off, security - if you get picked for pretty much any of the shows currently on the air, you aren't going to be allowed to tell us much about it until after your show airs. I don't want to get anybody in trouble, obviously, so if you have a specific question that would give away a detail you don't want given away, you can email it to me (or to my co-mod, offbalance, and I'll happily post it anonymously for you. I've got a good grasp of what the Jeopardy folks, at least, do and don't mind being discussed on the Internets, so I'll help you out in that regard if you have questions.

Secondly, I did get one such question, sort of, already. So you've been picked to go on a game show. What do you wear to be on national television?

Well, you should get a packet with some basic no-no's. Light colors are going to make you look dead, and busy patterns will look really weird on television, so dark solids are the way to go. Wear something comfy that doesn't itch or ride up, obviously. Turtlenecks tend to look weird on women, as do blazers with big shoulder pads. Avoid flashy jewelry, but a simple necklace or earrings is okay. (These are just my observations from the day of taping I attended.) A solid-colored, long-sleeved button-down or pullover with a skirt is a good choice for most women. Bring a few different tops to wear with the same skirt in case you are the returning champion, if your game show does that type of thing. Men have it easy - nearly everyone wears a suit and tie, and if you win and you have to tape another episode 10 minutes later, you can just change your tie.

Anybody have any other tips? Comment away!

Also, it is freezing in the Jeopardy! studio, so take that into account as well. You wouldn't feel overdressed or overheated in a sweater.

Oh yeah. Finally, tell people this community exists! Let's get the word out! The more people we have in the community, the more help we can give each other.
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